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NEW: How to Order CBD Through Feel Your Best!

NEW: How to Order CBD Through Feel Your Best!

Hello fellow Feel Your Besters! We are streamlining the way we do business at Feel Your Best so we can optimize productivity. Below you will find how to get your Guerilla Healer CBD Full Extract Hemp Oil through Feel Your Best! (Read here why Feel Your Best only recommends Guerilla Healer’s pure quality oils.)


FYB’s Recommendation for CBD Hemp Oil (Coupon Code Inside!)

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LOCAL DELIVERIES AND BUSINESSES there is a new ordering system in place that will help keep costs down and will add consistency so you know when you will order, pay, and receive your quality oil. Here is how it will work:

1st Friday of every month: Orders will be accepted starting the 1st Friday of every month. This will be the only time Feel Your Best will be taking orders from here on forward.

2nd Friday of every month: All orders and payment MUST be received by 12pm on the 2nd Friday of every month. Any orders with pending payment will be placed the following month.

3rd Friday of every month: You will be contacted to confirm your delivery time on/by this date.

4th Friday of every month: All deliveries will be completed on/by this date.


**Local deliveries and businesses will still get the benefit of Feel Your Best personalized check-ins and consultations whenever you need them. This is the benefit you receive ordering directly through us! Thank you for your continued support!!**



ALL OTHER ORDERS are asked to be placed online at using COUPON CODE: FeelYourBest10 to save 10% off all of your online orders. These orders will ship directly to you from Guerilla Healer. (Note: The more you order, the more you save! For example: An order of 1 jar costs $125.80 with coupon code: FeelYourBest10 and free shipping. However, if you purchase the 8 jar pouch, the cost per jar is only $88.75 with coupon code: FeelYourBest10 and free shipping!)


As always, Feel Your Best is here to help. If you have any questions or need information, please contact us! Also, make sure to like us on Facebook to keep up to date with the latest FYB news and information.